Fabal’s Music Blog

Ever since I have travelled the continents as a humanitarian and development worker people & music raised my attention. Particularly, young people and the way they appreciate music in sometimes desperate places is an always moving experience.

Sitting in the bush of Ethiopia I listened to „Teddy Afro“ and later discovered the amazing „Gigi“ fusing Ethiopian traditional sounds with jazz and contemporary music.

In Myanmar, Karaoke is a must (as in most other Asian countries). And I was fascinated about how pop music found its way in a country disconnected from the rest of the world and the strong message of the Yangon punk movement under the Myanmar regime.

With Bollywood music India created a recipe to merge traditional and contemporary music and I saw ardent pupils moving to the grooves with eyes sparkling hundred times more than when learning writing and math.

And interestingly, Rap and Hip Hop seems to be a powerful and omnipresent genre creating shared interests around the globe.

When food, water and shelter are granted music is a statement, a healer, a connector, a source of energy, hope and joy. As a matter of the heart this is what I want to portray in this blog.

Jamming at Yangon Inya Lake a little boy is wondering where the note went.

Students in Puri, Odisha practicing Bollywood dance