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Ever since I have travelled the continents as a humanitarian and development worker people & music raised my attention. And I am continuously moved by the way young people appreciate music in sometimes desperate places.

In 2003, at the border region of Ethiopia-Eritrea and in the midst of this humanitarian crisis situation people listened to the catchy hits of national artist „Teddy Afro“ day and night.

In Myanmar, I was fascinated about how pop music found its way even though the country was disconnected from the world for centuries. And despite the authoritarian regime the Yangon punk movement spread its message. I was in Yangon when „Die Toten Hosen“ gave the first legal Punk concert ever in Myanmar and one could feel the powerful mood they created.

With Bollywood India created a fabulous recipe to unite Hindi culture and pop music and I saw the eyes of pupils sparkling while they were moving to the grooves in the slums of Puri.

And interestingly, Rap and Hip Hop seem to be a powerful and omnipresent instrument to create shared interests and bring young people together around the globe.

Music can make a statement, be a healer, a connector, a source of energy and joy. It has the power to inspire and bring people together and as a matter of the heart, this is what I want to portray in this blog.

While jamming at Yangon Inya Lake a cute little boy approaches the guitar very closely, pokes curiously his nose into the sound hole and is wondering where the sound comes from and where the note went.

Jamming at Yangon Inya Lake a little boy is wondering where the note went.

About me.

Music is a matter of the heart. This is why to me music and band experience has always been related to friendship and experiences who marked a corner stone in my heart.

It was at the age of twenty when I recognized that I am able to write songs. At that time, I was lucky enough to be connected to a group of musicians I had a strong friendship with – and still have – and who took me along their music adventure.

2003, I joined the group P-Jay as background vocalist. Still today, I am passionate about supporting lead singers with a second voice or even being part of a background choir. At seven years with P-Jay I shifted from the back to the front to take the lead myself.

In 2007 I was asked by the Polish DJ duo WAWA to create lyrics for a Spanish house track. Strongly studying Flamenco dance and music at that time the track „Sombrita“ was born. It is amazing that still today it is played in clubs around the globe.

I stayed with P-Jay until 2014 when I decided to go abroad to work as a humanitarian worker. In Myanmar, I explored a whole new world of music with creative people eager to learn and excited about the vast amount of opportunities flooding their country.

As a matter of the heart, I remain attached to the energy shared in a band while playing live music. And my lyrics and melodies have always been and will always be expressions of my personal emotions and experience.







Lead vocals, Backings & Songwriting.

Exit  Video P-Jay Live on Stage „Badenfahrt 2012“ Switzerland

Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Fabal



Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Fabal



Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Fabal

Immortal Love


Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Fabal

The Flip Side Of The Moon


Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Fabal

In The Same Boat

From the official Soundtrack „Der 8. Kontinent„, Starring: Maike Johanna Reuter and Cosma Shiva Hagen


Production: Thom Wettstein, Mondstein Records; Vocals and Lyrics: Lucas Tuttle (voc), Fabal (lyrics, voc backings)

Sombrita Wawa ft. Fabal (Raul Rincón Remix)


House club hit since 2007 available on iTunes 

Daniel Ortage ft. Fabal Inner Eye


Francesco Diaz Soulful Mix

Available on iTunes

The Power of Hip Hop and how art can be a healer.

Ever heard about the Breakdance Project Uganda? I came across this amazing project via the documentary “BOUNCING CATS” and since then I’ve been following it on Facebook. I am deeply impressed and want to share with you “The Power of Hip Hop” and some real good music!

Listen to the groovy title song „Take A Minute“ from K’NAAN  starting with the quote that „A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.“

„Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) started in February 2006 out of the belief that Hip Hop can be used as a tool to engage and empower disadvantaged youth in Kampala and other areas of Uganda. It’s mission is to engage young people in elements of the hip hop culture to build leadership skills and promote social responsibility. The Project has attracted people from every walk of life and acts as a catalyst for building mutually beneficial relationships between people of different social status across Uganda and the rest of the world. It serves to teach people breakdancing and how to pass on those skills to others, as well as promoting leadership skills, social responsibility and positive change to members and local communities. “ – www.bouncingcats.com

Fabal & Friends.

Acoustic Pearls2

Die vier Bandmitglieder verbindet eine langjährige Freundschaft – sowohl musikalisch als auch privat. Als eingespieltes Team standen sie zusammen auf zahlreichen Bühnen der Schweiz, zuletzt mit der 8-köpfigen Band P-Jay. Nach zehnjährigem Bestehen, entschied sich Fabal 2014 einige Jahre im Ausland zu verbringen, weshalb sich die Band vorerst auflöste.

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